Success Stories

Owned by one of my best friends, I was under the knife to get results. Although this unit had many impressive features such as it’s bay views, it was still just a small 1 bedroom unit that was competing for attention shortly after the market started picking back up against a slew of newer construction properties with greater upgrades. After multiple showings and several different marketing angles we found a gentleman who planned on being a bachelor for life and was the perfect candidate for this product…Or so we thought. He was a picky one and after the inspections required just about any and every repair including the cleaning of the windows the day prior to closing. Knowing that some of the requests were extreme and outside of the sellers time frame I was able to leverage a few pieces of furniture that worked especially for this unit as a feature to tame the buyer and get the seller to closing without any sweat of his back
The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

This high powered Miami attorney had been trying to sell this deluxe roof top apartment in Miami’s highly sought after Key Colony complex for 3 years. One of the great obstacles she had was the $50,000 assessment the building had just imposed. I came in and first devised a showing schedule that would be favorable for both the tenant and myself to be able to show the property to the greatest amount of people in the shortest
I was realtor number 3 and after her husband passed, not leaving her with enough money to maintain the home and herself she was desperate. The property was located on the corner of a high traffic street which is less than desirable to the average buyer, it had not received any updates in over three decades, and the seller needed to net a greater amount than the market would allow for. By marketing to the right agents working with foreign buyers we were able to find one who had a client that needed a property they could retreat to from Canada during the winters but rent it out seasonally during the summers, and this was the one! Based on his need the numbers made sense, on the closing day I even found myself helping Carole carry boxes to her storage because she was alone and didn’t have any help. Whatever it takes!
Whatever It Takes to Help

This is an amazing 2 story duplex that feels like each side is a luxury townhome glued together. The family that owned this had given relatives and friends that were agents the opportunity to sell it but had no luck. It was at a time when the Miami market was still on a downward spiral and people didn’t know when the bottom would arrive. In love with the property, and honored that this high powered family would give me the opportunity to sell their asset I did open houses every week switching between Saturday’s or Sunday’s for TWO Month’s until it sold to a passerby who ended up buying 3 other properties from me and allowing me to rent other units they owned as investment properties for them as well. Turned out he was a savvy real estate investor that was impressed by hard work. I also ended up winning the admiration of the seller’s family and to this day have sold multiple properties for him.
Persistence Wins the Day

The seller is a realtor and couldn’t sell it, he hired a well known Miami agent and couldn’t sell it…With a great deal of hesitation in his mind he gave me the listing and in a few months, in an area with very low demand I was able to sell this property for $1,250,000…Cash to a group of nuns who wanted the ranch style property. I not only got the opportunity to do multiple other transactions with the seller but created a friendship/mentorship that will last a lifetime. I love telling this story.
Nuns Having Fun

Sunday, July 21, 2019

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